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Tradesman Insurance

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When a tradesperson is working on a job, there are risks and hazards everywhere. These aren’t just specific to them and other tradespeople either, but to customers and the general public.

From trips and falls to property damage and replacement parts, tradesman insurance is designed to protect tradespeople and their businesses against claims from members of the public or customers. This includes injury or property damage, amongst other things.

Our tradesman insurance covers a range of professions, from plumbers and electricians to carpenters and builders.

From various kinds of liability, to personal accident and tools cover, our tradesman insurance can include a wide range of options such as:

  • Public liability – a crucial cover for most tradespeople, public liability can insure you against a number of risks that you will face on daily basis. For example, if your work causes a member of the public to become ill or they are injured and they decide to sue you, public liability cover will be there to assist you with any legal action and compensation claims. If you accidentally damage a customers home, via a major leak for example, this cover will pay out what could be substantial repair costs.
  • Tools cover – realistically could you keep working if you lost your tools? And if you were unlucky enough to lose them or have them stolen could you easily afford to replace them in a hurry? This is where tools cover comes in. Insuring your tools against accidental damage or theft means that if the worst did happen, you’d be able to repair or replace them quickly and so incur minimal disruption to your business
  • Personal accident cover – working in a trade usually means being self-employed, and being self-employed means if you can’t work, you can’t earn. So, what would happen if you were to be injured while on the job, what then? Adding personal accident protection to your policy can protect your income, ensuring that even though you can’t work, you can continue to pay the household bills until you are back working and earning again.