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Taxi Fleet Insurance Brokers – Birkdale Insurance Group

Have you got a taxi business which consists of a fleet of cabs?

If so, you will know how challenging it can be to take out and renew individual policies for each and every one of your vehicles. Going through each taxi policy is time-consuming and takes a lot of your energy.

Why not consider a taxi fleet policy instead? With that type of policy, you’ll only need one policy for your entire fleet of cabs. When policy renewal is due, you’ll have a much easier time managing the insurance policies for your taxis.

If you already have a taxi fleet insurance policy, you’ll be benefitting from one policy and one renewal date BUT are you getting the value for money and just as importantly, the level of 24/7 service that you need to help run and risk manage your taxi fleet?

It doesn’t matter if you have a fleet of black cabs, minicabs, minibuses, or a mix of vehicles. We can help you find a taxi insurance policy that matches all of your needs and covers all of the vehicles in your fleet. Birkdale Insurance Group can provide “names drivers” or “any driver” policies, depending on the needs of your taxi business.

Taxis in your fleet are accumulating miles every hour and are exposed to many risks. It’s not only about insuring your taxi fleet, you also need to make sure that your drivers are medically fit and correctly badged. Legislation is stricter than ever before.

It’s important that you find the right policy to match the volume and requirements of the vehicles which are part of your fleet.

Birkdale Insurance Group have taxi fleet insurance experts who will also become your account manager when you go on cover, ensuring they know your business inside out and have a close working relationship with you.

Private Hire and Public Hire

Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party Only

Renew with no deposit required

Large panel of leading insurers, all UK postcodes covered

Our private hire and public hire insurance experts can run through the options with you and explain the different options and premiums available.

Saloons, MPV's, Minibuses and Wheelchair accessible

Small deposits & introductory discounts

Up to 65% discounts

Expert taxi insurance team