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Courier Insurance

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Courier Insurance

Courier Van Insurance is essential for anyone who delivers goods and packages to customers for a living. In 2019, courier and express delivery sales increased a spectacular 12% to reach £12.6 billion, thereby completing growth of 62% since 2014. The internet and online shopping has fuelled this growth.

If you use your van to pick up and/or deliver goods which aren’t your own (whether it’s to one destination or multiple locations) then normal business use isn’t suitable for you. You’ll need what is called ‘hire and reward’ use instead, which is included as standard when you buy our Courier Insurance.

Courier Van Insurance
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Goods in Transit Insurance
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Courier Fleet Insurance
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It’ll provide you with the right cover to carry other people’s goods and materials from one place to another. If you’re involved in occupations like parcel delivery, light haulage, appliances & furniture delivery, mail order delivery etc – then this is what you’ll need.

It is important you have specialist courier insurance.

Courier van insurance offers tailored cover for the day-to-day miles you do as a courier and the multiple delivery stops you’ll need to make to meet scheduled delivery times.

Goods-in-transit cover isn’t compulsory, but you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft that happens to the goods while you’re delivering them, and insurance will meet the cost of any claims against you. 95% of our clients choose goods in transit insurance so they can rest easy that any damage to the goods are covered, this can be included onto the courier van insurance policy or as an additional policy.

There are three levels of courier cover available: third party only, comprehensive, and third party, fire and theft. Third party cover is the minimum requirement so you can operate as a courier and deal safely with the public.

We insure single vehicles (vans, cars, bikes) and courier fleets (3+ vehicles). Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance are optional extras and we also have market leading courier breakdown cover.

Why use Birkdale Insurance Group?

  • Specialist Courier Insurance Team
  • Very Competitive Rates. All UK Postcodes
  • Access to a wide panel of Courier Insurance insurers – exclusive schemes
  • Preferential Rates due to our volume of policies
  • Online Policy Documents Portal
  • Introductory Discounts. Pay Monthly by DD
  • Up to 65% NCB
  • 24/7 accident helpline and FREE like-for-like replacement vehicle.

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